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StorageIf you are planning a move and suddenly realized how many things you actually own but don't want to throw away then you must now be considering a storage solution or maybe you haven't finished organizing your move but your current property is being sold. These are not the only reasons obviously but regardless of that the problem remains the same - I need somewhere to store my things.

So what are the options? Well there really are only 2 options unless you have some very kind friends.

1. Self-storage

There are an enormous amount of self-storage places available from converted garages to warehouse lock-ups but my advice is to find a reputable company. The primary reason for this is insurance coverage. But it is important for you to be able to manage how long you can keep your things there and how easy it is to access.

2. Company storage.

Many moving companies have warehouses to hold you belongings during the transit periods and can even offer you long term storage. A benefit to this is that they will help with the packing and unpacking process, usually use their own materials as they will have special warehouse container boxes and safety/insurance coverage. Duration vary between companies depending on the space they have available so remember to check and compare before you book anything.

Safety and security

When you go to look at any storage services be sure to question them on their security services, whether they have guards on duty or cameras in operation. A good storage place should be proud of their safety record and don't just take their word for it, take a look around and ask questions. Remember you are leaving your possessions with them.


Every storage service should be covered in insurances for every eventuality. When you are booking your place be sure to check that everything their insurance covers matched the goods you with be entrusting to them. Never leave anything with a storage service without making a detailed inventory that you can refer to.


It may not seem so important at first glance but when and how often you can access your belongings is very important. If you are moving abroad for example you cannot guarantee when you will need to access or need to move your things to a shipping company.

What to store

When you are moving there is nothing more important than planning. If you have an abundance of things that you cannot take with you in the initial move then consider what you are going to need most. For example if you are moving to Texas you are less likely (if ever) to need winter clothing, heavy duty bedding or winter related equipment. The same thing applies when you are moving abroad. What will you need the minute you get there and what can you either live without for a while or buy when you get there.

Regardless of which storage services you choose to take remember the basic rules and everything will be just fine. ISAS (Insurance, Safety, Accessibility).