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Moving with pets

Got a new home? Great! You must be excited about moving from Los Angeles to San Diego and into it. But how about your pets? Relocation can be a hard thing to manage, but it becomes even more complicated, when you have cats, dogs or other animals on hand. Let’s get some practical tips on moving with pets. 

-Get  proper carriers 

Placing your cat or dog right into your car and driving them over is not a good idea. They can get pretty annoying and anxious during the move from Los Angeles to San Diego. They can also start distracting you from driving and make the whole business pretty dangerous, too. So, get a proper carriage. It has to be strong enough to keep your pet in the whole time. Plus, it has to be comfortable enough for them to calmly staying in it. And it has to be cleanable. If your pets are not used to driving in cars, they may feel sick or may feel an urge to do their business and make a mess in the carriage. 

-Time your time 

Do not hope to bring the carriage over, set a pet in it and get on the move. Such relocation from Los Angeles to San Diego can become a bundle of problems. So, give your pet some time to get used to the carriage. Let them come into it on their own. First let them sit there unlocked for a while. Then lock the door and see what they do. Just experiment to make it easier for them to get used to it, especially if you are planning a long move. 

-Get the pills 

Pay a visit to the vets and ask them to prescribe your pet some pills to prevent nausea and vomiting. This would certainly make your move much easier. If you plan to find good movers from Los Angeles to San Diego to handle your pets, such pills are a must. You may also get some pills to sedate your pets and help them stay calm on the road. 

-Get all the pet things with you

Moving can be stressful. It might take a while for a pet to get used to a new home. This is true especially for cats. So, move over their old houses, bedding and all their toys and things. That would make a new place more familiar to them and ease the process of falling in love with it. 

These simple, but practical tips would help you make an easy move and allow your pets to keep on enjoying their life in the new environment.