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Moving to Alaska  Alaska is the largest of the US states. If you place a map of Alaska, including all its islands, over a map of the US mainland the most western point of the state will be in California and the most eastern in Florida. But this is not because the area of AK is as big as the whole US, there is a chain of many islands stretching west from Alaska and they significantly extend the state but it gives you a sense of how big this state really is. There are lots of rivers and lakes in Alaska. In fact there are more than twelve thousand rivers and more than three million (!) lakes, there are also plenty of wetlands and vast areas covered by permafrost. If you plan on moving to Alaska you should know that the state has regions characterized by different climatic conditions. Summer temperatures in some southern areas can rise as high as 72° F. If you are traveling to AK in search of colder conditions then just head northward, you can't miss it. By the way, Alaska has the lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States (-79.8 ° F). Now over 700,000 people live in Alaska. If relocation to AK is what you are planning and you prefer city life then you really should choose Anchorage. There are almost three hundred thousand people in this city and is the largest in the state by quite a margin. Moving to AK will give you the opportunity to find a job in the mining industry. Alaska ranks second in the US in terms of crude oil and gold production. It also has mining and processing for silver, zinc and lead. If your profession is associated with the army then relocating to Alaska will also allow you to pursue your career. A number of US military facilities are located in this state. The severe nature of "The Land of the Midnight Sun" is not conducive to the development of agriculture. Most food is imported to Alaska and is very expensive especially far away from the cities. However, if you've always wanted to try your hand at raising deer then moving to AK will help you to make that dream true. Thanks to the abundance of life in the Baring Sea fishing has become a strong industry and is the primary export of Alaska. In recent years more and more tourists are coming to Alaska to enjoy the natural beauty and fishing. When you are planning your relocation to Alaska, be aware of how you will get there. Very limited road links combined with weather dependent ferries can provide quite a headache for the unprepared. But don’t be dismayed there is always the railway, widely used ferries and planes ready to get you where you need to go. Alaska may have remote places but the people are used to it.

Moving Companies and Relocation Services to Alaska

Homestetad Development INC
3880 Tongass Ave, Ketchikan, AK 99901
Self Storage, Storage Household & Commercial
A A A Muldoon Mini Storage
7801 Peck Ave, Anchorage, AK 99504
Self Storage, Storage Household & Commercial, Public & Commercial Warehouses
3609 Spenard Rd, Anchorage, AK 99503
Movers & Full Service Storage, Truck Rental, Movers, Trailer Renting & Leasing
1368 Ocean Dr, Homer, AK 99603
Movers & Full Service Storage, Truck Rental, Movers, Trailer Renting & Leasing
U.S. DOT # : 571890, MC # : 249615, Company Type: Carrier, Fleet Size: 7
U.S. DOT # : 913463, MC # : 363277, Company Type: Carrier, Fleet Size: 3
Baranof Motors Inc
1209 Sawmill Creek Rd, Sitka, AK 99835
Storage Household & Commercial, Self Storage, Truck Rental, Trailer Renting & Leasing, Public & Commercial Warehouses
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
717 E Ship Creek Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501
Movers, Movers & Full Service Storage
Campbell Boyz Truckin
17050 N Eagle River Loop Rd, Eagle River, AK 99577
Trucking, Moving Services-Labor & Materials, Movers
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