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Last minute relocation check list

When the moving day gets closer, you may start feeling a bit nervous. Did I do it right? Did I forget something? Am I going to make it and be on time with packing? Such questions may run through your mind and get you pretty much unfocused. Here is the last minute relocation from Dallas to Austin check list to help you avoid the chaos on your moving day. 

-Pack up your emergency bag

There are some simple items you may need on the moving day or the arrival one. So, get them all packed in one place. Pick a large handbag or a backpack and stack up all those things there. You may want to get some personal hygiene products, some underwear and socks, a clean towel, napkins, bottled water, some make up (for a girl), etc. 

-Keep track of things

Yes, those thoughts “I need to do that or get that” keep on flashing through your mind. They come in and out and it becomes so easy to forget stuff. So, get a sheet of paper, pin it somewhere and write down every such thought to keep track of things. Then just mark them out, when something gets done. This way there would be no mistakes made during the move from Dallas to Austin

-Get all your switches

Once you move out, you need to check the thermostat, electricity, turn off the water, etc. Make sure you know how or where to do it way before the moving day. Otherwise, you may panic and create chaos, trying to find the switches last moment. 

-Take out the trash timely

You need to leave clean bins and no trash, so take care of it few days before the moving day. Otherwise, you may feel embarrassed to leave trash to the new house owners or would have to run around and find ways to dispose of it urgently. 

-Redirect your bills and mail

You should go to the post office and notify them of the address change. This way no mail would get lost. Do it ahead of time, so you would not have to leave notes to the new residents to send you your letters over. 


These tips would help make moving from Dallas to Austin easier and make the last day in the old house hassle free and decent.